The 1105 Project: Strategic Recommendations for Collaborative Growth, Efficiency, and Advocacy

The Client: The “1105”, located in Iowa City, Iowa, is a group of four nonprofit organizations: (1) The Crisis Center of Johnson County (The Crisis Center), which provides support for emotional, food, and financial crisis; (2) the Domestic Violence Intervention Program (DVIP), which provides safety and support for victims of domestic violence; (3) the National Alliance on Mental Illness Johnson County (NAMIJC), which is a local chapter of a national organization providing support, advocacy and awareness for mental health; and (4) the Free Lunch Program (FLP), which provides free lunch to the community without asking questions. The four 1105 organizations share office, meeting, and kitchen space in a shared services facility called the 1105 building.

The Problem: Since the four 1105 organizations moved into the 1105 building, they have prioritized their individual work over additional collaboration efforts. The organizations maintain a high degree of separation within the building, because they have separate entrances, and largely remain in their respective sections of the building. Further, the organizations rarely, if ever, work together to serve their overlapping beneficiaries. As a result, the 1105 organizations have not taken full advantage of the benefits that increased collaboration can provide for their individual organizations, beneficiaries, and community.

The Outcome: CELP clinic law students interviewed leaders and employees from the 1105 organizations, to gather information about 1105. Additionally, the team interviewed outside experts and conducted independent research to learn about nonprofit collaboration. The team analyzed the current state of 1105, identified reasons why the 1105 organizations have not increased their collaboration efforts, and found various forms of collaboration that would suit 1105’s needs. The team presented the solutions to the client on May 4, 2018, and provided each 1105 organization with a copy of a written report detailing the project, CELP’s process and analysis, a spectrum of collaboration options, and recommended the options that we found to be most suitable for 1105.

1105 Project Cover